Applied Anthropologics

“What I do is make explicit what has been implicit,” says Dr. Dee. “Sometimes that makes people uncomfortable. But that’s an anthropologist’s job. We help people see patterns more clearly” enabling decision makers to make culturally competent ones.

Applied Anthropologics © are anthropologists – social and behavioral scientists who understand cultural nuance. We practically apply anthropologic theories and methods such as “cultural analysis” to exploring and solving problems in the real world.

Adding an anthropologist to a management or research team is like going from “black and white” to “color” television because we see different shades of color literally and figuratively speaking, where even well trained, highly educated managers only see “black and white.”

Let us help. ENY is a small, boutique multi-media management company. We manage aspiring talent (i.e., singers, songwriters, musicians’ ex cetera); produce radio and television shows; write scripts and screenplays; edit audio-video content, narrate, host and voice act.

We partner with progressive, innovative and creative advertisement agencies, production companies and radio and television stations – taking you or your project to the next level ensuring a successful launch.

We can work easily within all genres: on marketing campaigns and public outreach initiatives, developing communication strategies and evidence-based messages that are culturally competent and relevant to English speaking audiences generally and African-American and Hispanic/Latino minority communities particularly.

In today’s communication and social media environment cultural and linguistic social media messages significantly impact people of color when language, images, messages and medium are consistent with the worldview and culture of the audience. These communication models and associated messages such as blogs, drop-in articles, tweets are considered best practices for engagement.

The most important thing that ENY can bring to your project is energy, enthusiasm, and a tremendous love for the creative process. Radio (terrestrial and internet) remains the most powerful medium of communication. It is one ENY remain expert at employing to convey your message, project or to promote your brand.


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